Dark Tower

BTWN members, FamilyCraft_Dad, Malishin, and ChibiMango, decided to take on a challenge to build a castle in 3 hours. This dark tower was the result. FamilyCraft_Dad focused on the terrain, as he often does, while ChibiMango and Malishin tackled the castle itself. It wasn’t easy to create a coherant build in such a short period […]

Guardian of the Forest

One day FamilyCraft Dad had had enough and decided that he was going to build an organic, or bust! What started as a 3 hour build concept, ended up being a week long project. A project that he was very proud of! He has since gone on to make dragons and various other organics for […]

Dwarven Ice Kingdom

The first competition we ever entered as a group was a week long competition with the theme “Ice Kingdom”. We sadly did not win this competition, but we learned that we really enjoyed building together and working on these sorts of large scale projects. Looking back, given our lack of experience with world edit and […]

Aperion Hotel

We were tasked with creating a “Tropical Getaway” and as we began to build beach side pools and landscaping fitting for a tropical paradise, we suddenly had the idea to create a massive hotel. We scoured the internet for the type of futuristic hotel befitting a tropical theme, and we came across the Aperion Hotel, […]

Slime Manor

One of our first builds to gain any level of response from the Minecraft community is our Slime Manor Build. This Halloween themed build was built for a competition between multiple servers who support various content creators. These builds were judged by many of the said content creators including Mumbo Jumbo, Zombie Cleo, GoodTimesWithScar, KyleKraft, […]

Adventure Awaits

We really enjoyed working on this. So much so that we decided as a group that this would be our first build, even though (shhh) we had another one already in the works. The Builder’s Refuge had a contest with the theme “In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit” We decided instead […]