Adventure Awaits

We really enjoyed working on this. So much so that we decided as a group that this would be our first build, even though (shhh) we had another one already in the works.

The Builder’s Refuge had a contest with the theme “In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit”

We decided instead of competing with the constraints of a 51×51 block plot area, and only 3 hours, that we were going to give ourselves unlimited space and a week. And this crazy piece of art was the result!
It’s amazing that this started out because all I really wanted to do was take the opportunity to try out organics one more time. It only took me about 2 hours to finish Bilbo, but it was the rest of the build that really made this one stand out!

It’s crazy awesome, the video featuring this build and a timelapse of the process of us creating it is still growing in view count, and has, at this moment, brought over 300 subs to my channel!

I can’t wait until we make our official YouTube channel.  (yeah, that’s some secret news to reward those who have found this page, and have read this far!  Congrats!)


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